Getting there

Made it safely to Chicago after a 9h flight! The time was nicely divided between watching movies, watching some ‘classes’ for the online computer science course I am doing, and chatting to my neighbour, who is from the same grad school. Even before boarding, the usual poster roll spotting started, along the lines of ‘that guy has the same poster roll as me’, ‘do you know that person? I think she is at XYZ institute’ and so on. My poster roll was admired for its extension using a water bottle:

This was required since even poster boards come in American Size (i.e. huge), so I went to the limit of our printer, and this is apparently bigger than a what fits into a standard European poster roll…

The story of the poster rolls came to a climax at the end of the flight, though: a friend of mine was paying attention to packing up his bag, during which time someone else took his poster roll. He was nice enough to take theirs along, but would of course be very happy to have his poster back, which should be presented tomorrow afternoon. So if you were flying in from Munich, why don’t you check whether you took the right poster, and if not, arrange an exchange with him!

Anyway, see you tomorrow!

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