Sunday highlights

Sunday afternoon was packed with cool stuff – of course all going on at the same time! I split my time such that I started looking at some vestibular posters, but then went to a mini-symposium on Behavioral diversity in individuals: genetiv and circuit mechanisms. I heard three talks, and the one I liked best… Read More Sunday highlights

Cori Bargmann’s presidential lecture

I very much enjoyed last night’s presidential lecutre. I’ll start with the non-content-related reasons: Bargmann’s delivery had a nice but not overwhelming pace, and the same can be said for her slides: thankfully no information overload, but helpful pointers supporting what she said. She very clearly acknowledged the people inside (and outside) her lab who… Read More Cori Bargmann’s presidential lecture

Getting there

Made it safely to Chicago after a 9h flight! The time was nicely divided between watching movies, watching some ‘classes’ for the online computer science course I am doing, and chatting to my neighbour, who is from the same grad school. Even before boarding, the usual poster roll spotting started, along the lines of ‘that… Read More Getting there