Preparing for the SfN

Finally, I sent off the poster to be printed – so slowly but surely I feel ready for the SfN! In addition to the poster, I also got some business cards printed, so I can give away something when standing in front of the poster. Come by if you want one 😉


Even more exciting is the flip book, though, which finally arrived in the post today. I decided that showing a video on a tablet is boring, and flipping through the little book is much more exciting:

Again, if you want to try it out, you need to come by my poster – Wednesday afternoon, posterboard A34!

I will be blogging and tweeting fron the SfN – partly about interesting science that I come across (you can expect behaviour, neuroethology, vestibular system, and more), and partly about meta-science and meta-conference: how the science and the conference are happening. Both will be from a personal perspective – European Grad Student at big US conference. See you there!

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