Iceland: Final observations

To finish the “coverage” of our Iceland trip, here are some things we observed, in random order:

  • You always get tap water in cafes, though you usually have to get it yourself.
  • The majority of cafes have oat milk 🙂
  • As the wood on the island was chopped down completely very early, wood is not an easily available building material. Houses are often covered with corrugated metal.
  • While basically everything more than an hour from Reykjavík is fairly remote, some houses are so remote that the there is only a single power line supplying the electricity – the flow back is through the earth.
  • There are no trains, no highways. Four-lane streets only between the airport and Reykjavík and around Reykjavík.
  • Recycling is rather sparse and very much depends on the municipality.
  • (more or less) fun fact about climate change: according to a national park ranger, Iceland would be one of very few places to rise further above sea level with climate change – it has many glaciers, including the Vatnajökull, the largest glacier of Europe. If all that mass is gone, the island would rise up.

Thanks Iceland for having us!

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