Birds of Iceland IV

We saw more puffins – but also razorbills and guillemots.

bird collage of puffins, guillemots, razorbills, kittiwakes, tern
Top left, then clockwise: an Atlantic Puffin, two guillemots (common or Brünnich’s, anyone knows?), a razorbill, two kittiwakes, an atlantic tern.

At Látrabjarg, the westernmost tip of Iceland, there are literally thousands of seabirds. Kittiwakes nest there, as do razorbills, puffins, and guillemots. (Here’s an overview of all seabird colonies in Iceland.). How many guillemots can you fit on one ledge?

As for fitting animals on steep small spaces: kittiwakes are pretty good at that too. On the Snæfellsnes peninusla, we found these basalt cliffs, where almost every basalt hexagon is occupied by a kittiwake nest:

kittiwakes nesting on basalt cliffs

We’ll finish with the amazing flight of the arctic tern – it was very windy! When they hunker down, they put their head into the wind – unlike horses, which face the other way.

collage of flying acrtic terns

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