Learning something new is frustrating (but fun!)

Recently I have been stretching my programming skills – mostly ith the course from the EPFL extension school called ‘Data Visualisation and Communication’, which is quite extensive when doing next to a full time job and covers all things visualisation in R. As I have done all my previous visualisations in python, this is all new! The second opportunity for learning was (and still is, as I am not nearly done) the advent of code.

To be honest – I’d forgotten how frustrating it can be to learn something entirely new. Maybe more so when you basically know how to do it but only in a different language, and in the new language even the help section is cryptic!

However, these frustrating moments are balanced by moments when stuff not only works, but does so in an easy and elegant way that I could not have imagined before.

As I persevere, the help section becomes less cryptic and ‘aha moments’ accumulate – progress, here I come!

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