Look at the evidence – a tribute to Hans Rosling

Writing a blog post on Hans Rosling’s terrific work has been on my to do list for weeks. Sadly, he died of cancer last week, which gave rise to a whole range of articles, obituaries and tributes about him, which makes my blog post appear late. On the other hand, there are many worthwhile articles for you to read, for instance the obituary in the New York Times. Another excellent read is this short piece that originally appeared in Swedish, but thankfully was translated to English. Max Roser, who does amazing data visualizations at our world in data, also wrote about Rosling.

But enough second-hand information, check for yourself:

If you have not yet had enough, visit this page – there are more videos at the bottom. Also, why don’t you check out the website of Gapminder, a foundation which Rosling founded, which has lots more interesting stuff for you to explore.

So, don’t rest on your pre-conceived ideas – go check out the evidence!


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