Poster presenting and leaving

Here’s the last post from my SfN experience – poster presenting on Wednesday afternoon. Many friends and colleagues I met had already told me beforehand that they would not be there anymore, so I did not expect huge crowds. Nevertheless, I was pretty busy from 1-3 pm. Thanks for everyone who came by, and special thanks to everyone who asked cool questions and made helpful comments. Apart from one colour code blunder, I was pretty happy with my poster, but the highlight was clearly my flipbook:

Which was also appreciated (thanks David!):

There we go – that was SfN 2015 from my perspective as an ‘official’ blogger. A great many thanks to all the people who made this conference so enjoyable! So long, and thanks for all the fish.

2 thoughts on “Poster presenting and leaving

  1. Thanks very much for blogging from SfN – I was sat at home writing my thesis, wishing I was there. You covered some really interesting bits, and I am totally with you when you shine a spotlight on the real humans giving the talks – it’s all about the personality! I hope you got loads out of the conference. And great idea with the flip book – so cool! 🙂


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