Science videos

As a biologist, I find nature absolutely fascinating. As a scientist, I would also like to share my enthusiasm  – and it seems to me that videos are a good way to do this. So I’ll share some naturre/biology/science videos with you, and maybe you’ll share some back?

Of course I have to start with David Attenborough – if you haven’t seen any of his videos, go off to youtube! Here’s an excerpt from when he was trying to comment on the birds of paradise, but the birds kept interrupting:

These kinds of videos foster a general fascination with nature/biology. There are others that also manage to share insights into fairly specific scientific questions; for instance: how can you measure the stress level of an animal without stressing it?

Other videos explain complex concepts such as trophic cascades:

or why fruit flies are cool model systems:

On a more humorous note, I’ll finish with Stephen Fry’s encounter with a rare parrot

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